7. September 2010
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    Riseup Records
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House Legend JUNIOR VASQUEZ is back… together with FISHER & FIEBAK they make a new version of if Madonna calls 2010. well what we can say abut MR JUNIOR VASQUEZ that you are not know all ready, that he is a Grammy winner, 1 of the best dj/producers around it all Truth and we are happy to have him on RISEUP RECORDS with a release that make you go way back to the late 90, WHEN THIS TRACK WAS THE BIGGEST HIT, NOW IN A NEW VERSION THAT MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLOD After releasing tracks in labels such as: Toca 45 (Tocadisco label), Ospina Music & Open Bar and Groove On (Label of George Morel) FISHER & FIEBAK are releasing a new EP with Riseup Records. This EP „If Madonna Calls“ is a house track with the great sample if madonna calls.It is a bouncy happy track that with his strong kick and bass will make you move all over. 1.JunkDNA rmx This time JunkDNA did a big room rmx with kick And groove that you can’t say enough of it and Then the break gets you by suprise so just dance 2. Michael Maze rmx Michael Maze give us a acid house rmx that you Can’t ignore it on the dance floor, you will Dance dance and ask for more, the melody and the Bass line is amazing 3. Sezer Uysal rmx What more we can say sezer uysal supply us here a Killer groovy progressive house, with pads And melody that stay in your mind